Redesigning Afterpattern and introducing AI

Role Product Designer
When 2021 - 2023

I joined NetDocuments in November 2021 when they acquired Afterpattern. Initially, my job was to incorporate Afterpattern's suite of no-code development tools into the company's document management system (you can think of NetDocuments as Dropbox for law firms).

In the images below, you can see a glimpse of my work at NetDocuments, where I played a key role in integrating, and redesigning, the Afterpattern suite of no-code development tools, the most important of which was the no-code app builder.

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Afterpattern app builder 2021

10 months later, I was ready to take on a new project when seemingly out of nowhere ChatGPT comes out. The NetDocuments product team instantly recognized the opportunity of giving law firms the ability to run generative AI applications over their unique dataset: every document the firm has every produced.

Afterpattern app builder 2021
Afterpattern app builder 2020