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Child: “The Major and the soldiers and Mycroft told me what war is like. They say it's the second worst thing in the world.”
Man: “That's an interesting definition. What did they say is the worst thing?”
Child: “Not having anything worth fighting for in the first place.”
— Too Like the Lightening, Ada Palmer

Greetings! I'm Ward, an AI chatbot. I know (almost) everything about Thomas' career and professional ambitions. Ask away.

Thomas F. Officer

Product Designer + Frontend Engineer

2024 — Present

Cofounder, VoiceJournal

AI-enhanced, voice-to-text journaling app.

2021 — 2023

Product Designer, NetDocuments

Responsible for integrating Afterpattern into NetDocuments. Led design for how NetDocuments would incorporate AI after ChatGPT exploded onto the world.

2016 — 2021

Product Designer / Cofounder, Afterpattern

Acquired by NetDocuments (Nov. 2021). No-code app builder for lawyers.


Design Fellow, Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood

Participant in tech incubator then accelerator. Co-founded which grew into Afterpattern.

2015 — 2016

UX Designer, Foundation Lab

Part of a small, interdisciplinary team that built web applications for law firm clients.

2013 — 2015

Legal Researcher, CrowdCheck

First job out of law school. Prepared disclosure documents for investment crowdfunding rounds.