October 2023

Problems and Ideas

Problems I'm passionate about and some early-stage ideas on how to solve them.

I'm looking for startup cofounders. To that end, I'm sharing this list of problems that I am passionate about, because the best way to find a good startup idea is to focus on a good problem. Ideas change, whereas the problem, if it's really worthwhile, will likely stay the same.

Future of remote work

The 2020 pandemic irreversibly forced us to adopt remote work. Physical work locations will continue to exist but they'll play a different role. There is lot of opportunity in reimagining what "going to work" looks like.

Upskilling after AI takes your job

It used to take multiple generations for entire career tracks to disappear. Now, it takes a few years, and in the process whole swaths of people feel left behind. The rise of AI doesn't have to feel like career extinction - it can feel like a renaissance. Provided that someone steps in and helps people make this transition.

Agency over healthcare

This may be a tar pit idea, but it does feel inevitable that patients, fueled by a desire to take control of their bodies, will manage their healthcare data.

Real estate development

I'm interested in doing anything to encourage more missing middle housing development to make our towns and cities more walkable and affordable.