December 2022

2023 goals:

  1. Quit my job and launch a new startup.
  2. Build a home.
  3. Improve my French.
  4. Draw a self-portrait.
  5. Learn to ride a motorcycle.

I quit my job in June. I was working for NetDocuments and although I genuienly liked the people I was working with and the work was interesting, I felt I had to move on. I desperately wanted to get back to statup life and apply all the lessons I've learned since doing it last.

Nothing is easy, but I underappreciated how hard it would be to start something new while working alone and remote.

AI played a huge role in my life this year. Primarily as a tutor. I feel as if I've 10x my software development skills just by asking ChatGPT to explain why my code isn't working.

I'm lucky that I can live at my parent's house while my home is under construction. My home should be ready by early February 2024.