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Thomas F. Officer

Product designer, frontend developer, and startup cofounder. Working remotely from Lebanon, NH.

All my projects stem from my passion for exploring, testing, and building new ideas. I'm in awe of our potential. Few things make me happier than getting in sync with a colleague on what that potential looks like. Getting into this mind meld is electrifying and satisfying in its own right. It's also my favorite way to build software.

I've been designing and building software products for the past 8 years, mostly in startups. In 2016, I was awarded a design fellowship at the Blue Ridge Labs technology incubator. This is where I met my cofounders and launched Afterpattern. Together, over the course of 5 years, we played a critical role in defining a new category of product: no-code app builder for legal professionals.

At its peak, when Afterpattern was acquired by NetDocuments, thousands of law firms, courts, and legal aids used our no-code development tools to create award winning legal apps.

I'm thankful everyday that it's my job to make ideas real. I love meeting new people who share that passion and know how to get in sync. If you're that kind of person, please reach out at

Professional highlights
Design Fellow at Blue Ridge Labs. Cofounded which later became Afterpattern.
Celebrated start of design career by attending Startup Weekend hackathon in New Orleans. Won.
Founded ThroughCompany. First attempt to build a product from scratch. Inspired by opportunity discovered at CrowdCheck.
Sixth hire at CrowdCheck, a tech startup that only hired lawyers in case the Securities and Exchange Commission decided its product constituted the delivery of legal services.
End of formal education which included two law degrees (one from Vermont and another from Scotland).